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Winds of Change

The Lake Turkana Wind Power corporate social responsibility (CSR) program is effected through its foundation ‘The Winds of Change’. 

The mission statement of the foundation is to catalyze sustainable development for the enhancement of people’s livelihoods in areas surrounding the project area, through a targeted contribution to enhanced access to social services (education, water and sanitation, health and security), improved infrastructure (roads, communication, electricity), enhanced sources of livelihood (food security, income generation) and environmental conservation. 

The CSR program is derived from the desire by the project initiators to develop the lives of the communities around the project to match the livelihoods of the rest of Kenya. In this regard, the foundation primarily focuses on access to basic social services and food security. The Winds of Change foundation is funded by LTWP. 

For more information regarding the CSR program, please visit the LTWP website.