The Project



The Project site is located near the southeast shore of Lake Turkana. This location lies in the ‘Turkana Corridor’, where a low level jet stream originating in the Indian Ocean creates favorable wind conditions. The project area falls within a valley between Mount Kulal and Mount Nyiru, which produces a venturi effect (effectively serving as a funnel), in which wind streams are accelerated to high speeds. The site covers an area of 16,600 hectares.

The Project will comprise:

  • 365 turbines, each of 850kW generating capacity (in total 310.25 MW), with a hub height of 45 meters;
  • a 33kV collecting grid, a sectionalized 33kV substation, step up transformers including dynamic reactive power control system (DRPCS)
  • upgrading and strengthening of 204 km of public roads and construction of approx. 100 km internal windfarm access roads;
  • a newly built village to fully accommodate all personnel working on the project.


Construction of the project started in January 2015 and was finished mid 2017. The windfarm will become operational as soon as the, now being constructed, transmission line Loiyangalani-Suswa is completed. For more information on the project, please visit the LTWP website.

LTWP Site_22nd Sep 2016