The Company


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KP&P Africa B.V. (hereafter: KP&P) is a Dutch company, which was established in 2006. The companies objective is to invest in renewable energy projects in Africa. In 2006 KP&P established the project company LTWP Ltd., which started the development of the Lake Turkana Wind Power project (310 MW). After a development phase of 8 years the project reached financial close in december 2014.  The construction of the windfarm started in January 2015. The windfarm will be fully operational as soon as the new transmission line Loiyangalani – Suswa is finished.

For more information regarding the Lake Turkana Wind Power project and the construction process, please visit the LTWP website.

Directors and shareholders

Management of KP&P is in the hands of its directors, Kasper Paardekooper, Harry Wassenaar and Carlo van Wageningen.
KP&P currently has 88 shareholders, from all over the world.